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on ballgames. first, a report on the first court appearance on the colorado shooting. he opened fire in aurora, colorado. 12 injured, 58 injured. we have the latest on the investigation including what is to come. >> not only was security tight, but it was an eerie scene inside the courtroom as the world got its first glimpse of the man accused in this terrific attack. sporting red and orange died here in marin jumpsuit, he made his first appearance in the colorado court room. he remained seated, silent, and showed little emotion. at times, he looked like he was about to cry but would then turns in the. prosecutors say they were not
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sure he was on medication. >> it's important that we treat him as we would treat any other defendants in the criminal- justice system. >> the district attorney wants to talk to victims' families before deciding whether to pursue the death penalty. >> that is a very long process that the death penalty is sought. it will impact their lives for years. we want to get their input before we make any type of decision on that. >> some say capital punishment is appropriate. >> i feel like i have made sure that justice is taken with this man. >> they said little about the case. >> i think everyone can imagine how they feel. anyone who has ever been a parent. >> in the meantime, his next court hearing a schedule for next monday and is expected to face formal charges.
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we have continuing coverage of the colorado shootings on our website. you can read more about what president obama said to the community as well as look at slide shows on how the nation remembers the victim. but on the top stories victim of the home page. for the first time, the presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail. the president honored the veterans of foreign wars and romney was in california discussing the economy. a moment of silence was held to honor those shooting victims. each of their names was read and members of congress are calling for stricter gun laws encouraging for some new rules that would stop individuals from buying massive quantities of ammunition and weapons, like accused shooter james holmes did. >> we have to do something about it.
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this of the land of the free and people are afraid to go to the movies. >> president joe candidates have been reluctant to take on gun control as a major campaign issue and it appears that will hold true again. >> the other big story, penn state has been slammed with unprecedented series of penalties by the n.c.a.a. including its $60 million fine for its inaction when officials were alerted to child sexual abuse. this includes a four year ban on bowl games and a loss of 20 scholarships per year for four years. this stems from a child sex abuse scandal involving sandusky who was found guilty in june of sexually abusing young boys, sometimes on campus. this stopped short of imposing the so-called death penalty which would have shut down the program completely. >> that our goal is not to be just punitive but to make sure
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the university establishes an athletic culture and 9 cents in which football will never again be placed again and vindicating, nurturing, and protecting young people. >> they have accepted the penalties imposed by the n.c.a.a. and they're making the necessary changes. >> the new football coach says he is still committed to the school despite the sanctions. lisa robinson joins us now from the newsroom with reaction to today's announcement. >> a lot of reaction from current students and alumni. what this means to university students. the matter larger-than-life reputation. -- it had a larger-than-life reputation. alix said he was once eight proud card-carrying member of penn state and now he is dragging going back for his sophomore year. >> the name is ruined.
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i feel this will follow me after graduation when i'm looking for a job. i feel like someone sees the name penn state, they will not think of what it stood for but what it has become. >> is a former chairman of the board for the university system of the maryland board of regents. >> with the right type of leadership, the institution's reputation can once again be restored. they're going to lose a lot of. they may lose a number of faculty even. this is going to get worse for them before it gets better. >> he is speaking for himself and not the chapter. he says the sanctions were heavy-handed but sees the school coming back. >> we will bounce back. we're young. hopefully the victims will feel that as well. at the end of the day, it's about them, not us.
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>> with great integrity and a sense of ethics and hard work, the right kind of leadership, i think their reputation can, one day, be restored. what part of the formula for restoring the reputation is for them to remember to focus on academics, not athletics. that is the purpose of higher indication. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the sanctions are detailed on mine and will explain what each penalty means to the school and the students. that is on wbal-tv two bodies have been found. police have not yet released the identity of the 41-year-old woman, but we're told body started to decompose and authorities have not released an estimate on how long have been
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there. >> the body of a second woman also found over the weekend. it was found along west 20th street sunday afternoon. there are now releasing much information's right now about a possible cause of death. >> the aclu is cause for more training for police hoping that training will end the battle between officers and citizens to take out their cell phone to record an arrest. >> the aclu has investigated at least one case involving the department. >> that's true. that incident happened back in 2010 and the aclu sued. they think they have a very strong policy. >> was the recording of an arrest at the center of the dispute between this man and a baltimore city police
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department. at the incident, officers attempted to arrest a woman, she is on the ground with a bloody nose. police claim she is intoxicated and assault the dimon have a ticket counter. video turns up on youtube. >> the police officers saw he was recording and they surrounded him. the strong armed him into giving up his farm. the deleted all of the video including many videos of his young son. >> the aclu sued baltimore city police and now the aclu wants all police departments to set guidelines explaining citizens have their right to record the actions of officers. they also want officers to receive training so that they know the policy. >> as long as they are not interfering with the work of the police department, they have a
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right to record police officers to help keep the police accountable. >> baltimore city police released a general order j16, a collective stance following lessons learned from the past. >> it basically outlines citizens have a right to videotape in a public place as long as it does not interfere with the rest, safety of the officer, or the person being interviewed. >> it warns not to impede by standard from photographing police activity. they should not demand, review, manipulate, or erase any images. >> i do not think there's any department that has been demonstrated a better commitment to show that it is ok to record police activity in public places.
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>> officers to break the guidelines face the department of sanctions. the baltimore city police department says other agencies are now contacting them to find on more about the guidelines. live from downtown baltimore. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the ravens will be on the fields marked kickoff training camp. >> coming up, more on their preparations for the 2012 season. >> the olympics are just days away. i will melser with a live report. >> this stems from the school's desire to avoid an even worse fate. more on that later in sports. >> [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor
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>> four more days to the opening ceremonies of the olympics. >> a lot of the olympics-related events are popping up in our area. maybe you can do some things here in town. lowell melser joins us live from north baltimore with a few ideas. >> it you ideas. olympic fever is definitely catching around our viewing area. especially the home of michael phelps in north baltimore. there are plenty of places to watch it right here on channel levin. interestingly, less people than you might think are actually traveling to london to watch the games. >> over at union jacks, they're
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considered one of the go to places when it comes to big british events from the royal wedding. >> i was at work at 5:00 in the morning getting things set up. >> to the world cup. >> when england was playing in the world cup, you could not even sit down. >> they are using the british- themed of as a gathering place for the olympic games offering all kinds of food and drink specials for the opening ceremony. >> would you actually want to go to the games in person? >> tickets become very expensive. >> she says it to still want to go, air fare ranges from $1,300-$1,500 per person and an average hotel around london will run about $1,200 per person. the interest was there, but most people had a hard time with the expense. >> six or nine months ago we
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have people calling, but when your $2,500 price tags plus the cost of the olympic tickets, that is out of people's but it's just to go to the event. >> that's good news for bars and restaurants hoping to bring in spectators out they think of ways to keep the crowds coming in. >> i do not know what to expect. there are so many different events going on at different times. >> we will be keeping a close eye out over the next few days of bars and restaurants will be gearing up for the opening ceremonies. live in north baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a warm and humid summer day. a nice day to be out. not too crowded. hazy sunshine right now down at the beach. fairly quiet on the boardwalk.
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nice conditions in ocean city. no threat of any rain coming our way on the radar so it's good night to be on the beach. temperatures in the low 80 right now. the real threat for activity is actually out across parts of pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, virginia, the carolinas. maryland getting split from the storms tracking north of us and pesky's storms throughout central and southern virginia in through central and southern virginia. some watches in a fact we will see across eastern pennsylvania, new jersey, matt turner york, and warnings up in pennsylvania. not too bad for the next couple of hours around baltimore. we did hit 91 today at bwi marshall. 95 downtown, but the record was this day last year, one year ago. 102 degrees. the couple of storms possible in
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the next two or three hours or so. but we could see a clearing trend as far as sky conditions go. warm conditions just below 80 in downtown baltimore. southwestern win this with sunset at 8:26. pumping in the heat near 100 in denver. 94 in chicago. cleveland at 92. the heat will be coming our way on a westerly breeze tomorrow with a front dropping in with hot humid weather in place. there is likely to be strong storms and there's a slight risk of severe thunderstorms to the southern ohio river valley, southern maryland. we will keep an eye on the radar closely tomorrow. hazy, hot, humid. on debate, wind will be fairly light averaging 10 knots until the thunderstorms pop up, especially south of the bay bridge.
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up in the mountains, a 60% chance of storms. lots of sunshine. able bit more comfortable on wednesday. that trend will also shot on the eastern shore. steamy tomorrow with storms and then less humid and slightly cooler on wednesday. hot and humid tomorrow. thunderstorms in the afternoon. more comfortable wednesday. sunny skies and less humid. thunderstorms thursday, friday, and saturday. drying out sunday and monday. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center. this is 11 sports. >> the place on the planet has a more inappropriate nickname than happy valley. the entire universe a long benefiting from the football program now facing unprecedented penalties and an uncertain
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football future. wednesday it accepted a colossal package of fines and sanctions as a result of the attempted cover-up of a scandal. striking at the university with severe penalties, the n.c.a.a. did try to mitigate the fallout for existing players allowing them to transfer to other schools without having to sit out a season. they were fined $16 -- $60 million. roughly the amount they make each year. the have vacated 112 wins when they determine the cover-up began dropping joe paterno from the winningest coach down to 12th all time. the football program faces the loss of 20 scholarships and probation for five years. the school except these penalties to avoid the death penalty banning football for the entire season. >> our goal was not to be just
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punitive but to make sure the university establishes an athletic culture and daily mind set in which football will never again be put ahead of educating, nurturing, and protecting young people. >> tamara, joe flacco led a field of rookies easing into the start of training camp and it will get busy in a hurry. the ravens first preseason game is in 17 days. the regular season begins in 44 days. veterans will also practiced moorland wednesday. the rest of the veterans will arrive on wednesday to practice thursday. the ravens heading into the season as the only nfl team to make the playoffs each of the last four seasons. upshaw, no. 91, will need to make a quick transition. >> pointed out another area of improvement marking the first time they have had a winning
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record when they began trading can since 2005. the wintrying to run streak with a season-high six straight wins. they will start tonight, only six games behind the slumping yankees to have lost four in a row. stick around. it looked up the seven-day forecast.
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>> water main progress carry the latest on a downtown repairs and house citizens are coping with the headaches. his fishing boat shows up in a most unusual place. it's interesting path and how it was tracked down. ♪
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"starting the heat up today after a mild weekend. >> just in time for training camp. >> 94 tomorrow with storms in the afternoon. wednesday will feel very pleasant with lower humidity. getting back into the low 90's then hopefully selling back into some average of. at least the heat is not sticking around for the extended stretches. we get a taste of it and then a cold front makes its way through. >> we get a taste and then we spend it back out. >> thank you for joining us.
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have a great evening. the
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